Catch Future Bugs with Testing

In this post I'm going to talk about why testing is important with some real world examples. But…


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Frontend Testing with jsdom

Frontend development involves a lot of complexity, especially when working on custom JavaScript…


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A Modern Mocha Setup

Mocha is a JavaScript test framework that runs on node. It uses the describe/it syntax, and runs…


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CSS Combinator Selectors

Combinator selectors are one of the things that always gets mixed up in my head, because their…


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How to Setup Syntax Highlighting for Gatsby

Recently, I updated my website from Handlebars to Gatsby. Once, I had everything updated I decided…


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Find Bugs Faster with Git Bisect

Bugs are going to happen. We are all human, so new bugs can get introduced into our codebase at…


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How to Build an Accessible Tooltip

Sometimes a website has a ton of content, and we--as developers and designers--want to be able to…


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5 Great Git Commands

I’ve been working with git for a little over a year, and along the way I learned some neat tricks…


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