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Design has changed my perspective of the world. Web development challenges me to step outside my perceived abilities, and pushes me to test the limits of my imagination.

Web Based Specializations


When it comes to code, javascript is the apple of my eye. After mastering HTML and CSS, I was intrigued by the power and efficiency of this language, as well as its vast libraries. Since, then I have spent time mastering animations and bringing various functionalities to the sites I work on.


To me HTML sites are some of the most fun to build. I appreciate the simplicity of working with straight code, rather than a content management system, and laying the foundation for a site that I can customize effortlessly. With libraries like bootstrap and jquery, building html sites and web apps has become more efficient than ever.


After years of implementing various css techniques and animations into sites, I began to focus more on user experience. I make sites that offer users a better, stress free experience when visiting a website. The structure and design of every element I make guides users to the website’s desired goal.


WordPress has a great community of developers and creatives. Using a content management system that has such consistent security and functionality updates can be beneficial for many clients as long as the right precautions are taken. I like to have as few plugins as possible, and add my own css and js as needed.


E-commerce are beasts of their own. I have tackled multiple e-commerce signs as a team of one, setting up payment gateways, shipping methods, skus, variations of products, product categories, customer accounts, data transfers and more. While they may be challenging, I enjoy that aspect of them.

my recent work

For the following websites, I was the only web developer on the project. I communicated with the client from the beginning to the end of project, and made edits and customizations on the initial designs.

01. Sierra Bags

Ecommerce, WordPress

02. Edible Enhancements


03. Yosh's Deli

WordPress, CSS

04. Bernardo & Co.

Ecommerce, WordPress

05. The Push

WordPress, CSS, JS

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